Our Approach

John and Mary Skey established York Equestrian Riding School over 20 years ago. Their vast experience and depth of knowledge of the equine industry has enabled them to develop and grow a safe and professional school that ensures students learn not just about riding but also about the many other facets of equestrian sport. With over 25 quality horses and ponies and access to a well-rounded lesson program, they are confident that the school can provide you with a safe and reliable equine partner so that you can achieve your riding goals.

Together they operate the riding facility and are committed to creating a well rounded curriculum that provides riders with multiple learning opportunities. They place a strong emphasis on safety and insist on providing a solid equestrian education foundation so that riders continue to develop. Using their own riding and training experiences, they are not only able to enrich the curriculum of the riding school but also mentor their instructors and coaches.

John and Mary truly believe that in order for riders to develop properly they need to be exposed to more than just riding lessons. The opportunities to participate in camp, schooling shows and clinics are essential. These additional experiences are the building blocks of a well-rounded equestrian program and so it is with this in mind that we develop our year round equestrian program.

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