Mercedes enjoys March Break Camp at YERS immensely - she loves the horses and ponies, of course, and the other campers. The counselors and instructors keep order while also making camp fun. Mercedes has learned so much - taking responsibility, caring for her equine partners properly, respecting the space, equipment and others...plus fresh air and exercise. YERS camp is the best!

Catalina Fellay

We tried two other riding schools before settling at York Equestrian. Had we known then what we know now, we would have started at York! The instructors at York are fantastic and really teach proper riding technique. The students know clearly what they are working on and get constructive feedback at each lesson to ensure that they know when they have mastered a skill and can progress to another. It is a safe and positive learning environment where my daughter has drastically improved her riding!

Samarie Lumsden

My daughter has been riding at York Equestrian for 2 years, and we love it. They have lots of smaller horses that are perfect for young riders (my daughter was 7 when she started here), as well as medium and larger horses, so riders can grow through them gradually. The school has several teachers that are certified by Equine Canada, and all of the teachers are very attentive to proper form and fundamentals. Riders also learn to care for the horses. All riders, even the youngest ones, are responsible for brushing, tacking up, and cleaning the tack afterward. This really boosted my daughter’s sense of responsibility.

For parents, this school is very professionally-run. Rules and policies are clear and consistent, their accounting is organized, and communication is efficient. They’re a pleasure to deal with.

Elaine Chang

Sincere thanks to both Erika and Amanda... Excellent customer service, concerns and supports for Joanna... you guys make us feel like family...

Alex Choi

We drive to York Equestrian every week from Toronto, which must say something about how much we like it! Our thirteen-year-old daughter has been taking lessons at York for four years now, and she loves the time spent in the barn as much as the time spent in the saddle.

Jen Michel

I started taking lessons in July 2017, at the age of 57. I was extremely nervous, but thankfully my instructor, Amanda, put me at ease right from the start and I am getting so much joy and fulfilment from my lessons. I don't think I could have found a better place to begin my horseback riding journey. The barn is run like a well oiled machine. Always clean and tidy and the lessons begin and end exactly on time. The staff are all very friendly and happy to help with any concerns I may have. Riding at York Equestrian has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Janice Smith

Honestly the best barn ever! The staff are all so helpful, respectful and informative! The instructors never fail to teach a fun and enjoyable lesson! The horses are all equally amazing and are a pleasure to ride! The grounds are beautifully maintained! I have been riding here for many years now, and I can say with certainty that riding here will be an enjoyable experience for any rider of any level!

Megan Evans

York Equestrian is a professionally run riding facility that provides safe and enjoyable lessons for all levels with excellent instructors. The barn is meticulous and caters to those who enjoy a club like experience but is also a place where riders gain good horsemanship skills. The level of care for the school horses is just as excellent, thus ensuring a safe and fun ride. Try to pick a favourite!

I cannot recommend York enough!

Judy Jang